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Heal Where You Are

Rediscover a sense of control as a Survivor of Trauma
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Community Classes

Mitra offers free or accessible, affirming spaces for yoga practice. Every Body, regardless of circumstances, deserves to access the inner peace of reconnecting mind, body, and breath.

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Mitra offers strengths-based, healing centered, survivor-led yoga workshops and series for SV Survivors to reclaim their wholeness,  agency and wisdom in body and mind.

We will always handle your information with care, and never share or sell with anyone.

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There is no hierarchy of pain, if you have ever experienced any form of trauma,

you belong here.

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Feeling emotionally distressed

You’re facing a tough time with your emotions, feeling like a storm inside after surviving sexual violence. It’s tough to find a way to express what you’re going through even after all this time has passed. As your Yoga Coach, I offer a gentle way for you to deal with these emotions. Think of it like a safe space where you can explore and share without saying a word. Trauma-informed yoga becomes a special tool to help you find strength in vulnerability, turning the storm inside into a calming breeze. With every breath, we untangle the knots of emotional distress, creating a path towards peace and strength that’s just for you. Together, let’s navigate this journey of healing using the language of the body.

Bridge Construction

Experiencing physical disconnect

You’re feeling like there’s a disconnect between you and your own body, as though your body is a place you don't fully inhabit. As your coach, I will show you how trauma-informed yoga becomes a bridge to reconnect with yourself. In our sessions, we gently guide your body through movements that honor your unique journey, slowly breaking down the barriers built by trauma. It’s a process where you learn to listen to your body, feel its strength, and reclaim a sense of safety within. With each yoga shape, we work together to dissolve the tension and rebuild a connection. Let’s turn your body into a sanctuary rather than a battleground, and rediscover harmony between your body and spirit.

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Combating alienation and isolation

You’re feeling really alone and separate after surviving sexual violence. It’s like there’s a big wall keeping you away from others. But you’re not alone! As your Yoga Coach, I will help you find a way to connect just the way yoga helped me to connect. This is your opportunity to reconnect so that you don’t face further alienation. In our sessions, surrounded by support, you discover a group that gets what you’re going through without needing words. The more you practice, the more your community will strengthen. With every yoga shape, we build a foundation for renewed sense of belonging, turning loneliness into a bridge where healing and connection can begin. Let’s get on this journey together.

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Angelica is an incredible facilitator, teacher, and mentor. She brings not only skill and expertise to her practice, but a deep level of compassion and empathy. Thank you for creating and providing this space (and ALL the work you do!)!

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