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Mitra is dedicated to empowering Survivors of trauma by celebrating their agency, wisdom, and self-worth through the practice of Yoga.


Angelica Lopez (she/her/ella) 
Yoga Empowerment Coach
E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP

I am a survivor, just like you. In a home where safety should have been a birthright, I was trapped in the clutches of someone who was supposed to protect me. It was a childhood tainted by the shadows of abuse, leaving me feeling powerless, scared, and unworthy. But at the age of 11, I stumbled upon something that changed my life. One morning, the soft glow of PBS introduced me to yoga. In that quiet moment, yoga opened a door to a world where I no longer felt like a victim. It became my sanctuary, a space where I found strength, empowerment, and a path to survival. The beauty of yoga philosophy guided me through the darkness, helping me work through grief and fight the negativity that once felt impossible. As a survivor of sexual violence, I finally felt like I had agency over my body and my life. In yoga, perseverance is the steady pulse, an ongoing flow that propels us forward, embracing challenges, setbacks, and opposition. It whispered to me that my body is powerful, my mind is resilient, and no one can take that away from me.

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As your Yoga Empowerment Coach, I am here to remind you that you are already whole. We are not just survivors - we are part of nature where our breath dances with the world around us. Coaching, for me, is an intimate partnership, a shared journey where we navigate the complexities of life together, and through my own journey, my mission is to help you forge ahead with unwavering strength. I am Angelica Lopez, your friend who walks the path with you. Together, let’s ground ourselves in power, peace, and self-love in our shared experience.



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