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Empowering Survivors through Healing Workshops and Series

I'm a Survivor, just like you, so I understand the unique journey that we Survivors go through. Thrive  was born from my own search for a supportive survivor community. Many existing spaces I encountered focused solely on the harm done, often treating participants like fragile victims. I wanted to create a different kind of space—one where Survivors could come together to celebrate their inherent strengths and support one another.

In Thrive, we believe in the power of community and the importance of uplifting one another. Our offerings are designed to help Survivors see the beauty, strength, and wonder within themselves while recognizing these qualities in each other. By normalizing our experiences and celebrating our perseverance, we create a network of support that empowers us all.

If you are in crisis, please seek immediate support through our resources blog page.

Join us and become part of a community where Survivors can Thrive together.

National Flower


an 8-week series for Survivors of sexual trauma

Thrive is an opportunity to celebrate you, the hero of your story, the Survivor.


Through flowing movements, breathwork, and meditation, you are invited to discover embodiment, empowerment, and the joy of being present, unaffected by past traumas.

Using the Yama and Niyama, we honor your unique journey, celebrate your perseverance, and build a supportive community together.

Stay tuned: Thrive affinity groups return this Fall!

Image by Hudson Hintze

Thrive Monthly

Thrive Monthly is a once-monthly workshop open to anyone who identifies as a Survivor of sexual trauma.


Each month we will engage in an enlightening 2-hour workshop, where we will delve into various themes surrounding survivorship, drawing inspiration from insightful readings and you!  

This offering is a great opportunity for folx who have been in Thrive to reconnect and for folx who are curious about Thrive to get a sense of what it would be like without having to commit to an 8-week series.

Grow and Thrive with community in this empowering and supportive space for your healing journey.

Thrive Monthly will return in the fall!

" was deeply impactful to have a program like Thrive utilize yoga as an outlet to reconnect and process through my continued healing from trauma... Angelica fostered a brave space for us to connect, move, breathe, and be with one another. I am deeply grateful for the experience it has given me and I am certain it will continue to positively impact many others who engage with the program and Angelica in the future. "


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